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     Headwater Seat Covers, LLC.

    Headwaters Seat Covers are made from materials that are produced and manufactured in the USA.

    The material we make our seat covers out of is 500 Denier and 1000 Denier CORDURA® fabric, both made in the USA.  Solid colors are 1000 Denier, and the camo's are 500 Denier.   The 500 Denier CORDURA® fabric is camo printed in Tennessee, then coated with DWRT "Durable Water Repellency Treatment".  Our Velcro™ is made in Texas, and is much stronger than the overseas brands of hook and loop.  Our thread is manufactured in North Carolina by a company that's been in business for 120 plus years.  We are Americans employing Americans by purchasing American made products. 

    Is it waterproof or water resistant? That's the most frequently asked question. 

    Here's Paul's answer:  Here's what I know from field-testing Cordura for over a dozen years.   Cordura is not impervious to water.  But is the most durable waterproof/water resistant material I've seen since I started making seat covers in 1987.  

    If you, your dogs, or hunting buddies are always getting in wet and dirty, don't worry about it, nothing is getting through to the seat.   I just sold my truck that had seat covers I made for it, and had them on for 10 years.  After 10 years of my two boys spilling seemingly everything they have ever eaten or drank inside the truck, muddy shoes on the seat, you name it, they've done it.  I've always had one or two slobbering black labs that love diving into any water more than a teaspoon, muddier the better, plus they usually eat what they shouldn't have and end up throwing it up on the seat.  I can say we've field-tested our product to the maximum.   When I removed the seat covers, the seats were perfect underneath, nothing got through. 

    As the owner/operator of Headwaters Seat Covers I've meticulously designed every inch of very eeat cover.  Each seat cover is precision cut, perfect every time by our Eastman M-9000 CNC cutting machine.  They are then sewn by our professional sewing machine operators on their top of the line pneumatic, computerized sewing machines in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Three Forks Montana.    If you have any questions about our seat covers, you can talk directly to Paul about them.

    It’s easy to purchase your own "Best of Big Sky" seat covers.  Look for Catagories" on the left side bar, click on the Make, and follow the directions.

    Product Care and Warranty

    Headwaters seat covers will give you many years of use, no matter how hard you use them. They are the toughest, finest fitting seat covers you will find.

    Please take your time and use patience when installing the seat cover. Velcro can be torn off if pulled on forcibly or at an angle.

    Some steps of the installation are difficult, but if you take your time and follow the directions and you'll do great.  If you get stuck on any thing you can call and talk to Paul, the designer and master installer.  Paul has installed several thousand sets of seat covers on several hundred different models of vehicles.  

    The seat covers come with a two year sewing warranty against thread breakage, and a lifetime installation guarantee against slipping if we install it.   We offer a 100 percent refund (not including shipping) in 30 days after the sale if you’re not satisfied with the fit.   All other returns may be subject to a 25 % re-stocking fee.

    The warranty does not cover color loss due to abrasion or  fading.  

    The abrasive effect of getting in and out of the vehicle tends have the most effect on dye loss in the fabrics.   Darker fabrics can tend to wear and fade more if the vehicle is parked outside daily.   Fading and abrasion are minimized by a fabric guard that’s sprayed on the material at the factory mill called DWRT, or Durable Water Repellency Treatment, good for 20 wash cycles.

    The Teflon based product adheres to the fibers and offers protection from, wear (abrasion), and ultraviolet rays (fading), and spills.   The DWRT treatment will wear off over time.  How long depends on usage, two months to one year possibly.   Applying a fabric guard with Teflon in it can help reduce wear and color loss and help keep it water resistant.